Memorials in Israel

us Dov Shefi - the father of  Hagay , initiated, with the cooperation of several Mayors in Israel,
the creation of Parks, Squares and Monuments in memory of all the 9/11 thousands victims.

Or Yehuda - a square in a new residential area Neve Savion
The Square located at Barlev St. Corner Hadekel St. was dedicated on September 3, 2003, by the Mayor, Mr. Y. Bokovza and the US Ambassador Mr. Daniel C. Kurtzer with the participation of the Israeli families of the victims of 9/11.

Herzliya – a Square in the corner of Keren-Hayesod St. and Wingate St.
  The Square was dedicated on May 17, 2005 by the Mayor, Mrs. Miriam German and the US Ambassador Mr. Daniel C. Kurtzer.
Ness Ziona – a Huge Public Park in a new residential area- Yefe Noff
Dedicated on November 30, by the Mayor Yossy Shvo and the US Cultural Attache of the Embassy.

Ashkelon -  a square opposite Holiday Inn Hotel
Dedicated on October 7, 2003      by the Mayor Mr. Tzur and the US Ambassador Mr. Daniel C. Kurtzer.

Eilat - a square in the corner of Los Angeles St and Sinai St.
Dedicated on   by the Mayor Mr. Kadosh and the US Deputy Chief of Mission Mr. Lebaron.

Beer Sheva – a Square in a new residential area – Nave Yaakov
The Square is located at the corner of Johanna Jabotinsky Boulevard and Chativa 8 boulevard. Dedicated on September 13, 2005 by the acting Mayor
and the acting Cultural Attaché of the US Embassy, Ms. Elizabeth K. Martin.

Ashdod – a Huge Public Park at D quarter along Moshe Dayan St.
Dedicated on September 19, 2005 by the Mayor, Eng. Zvi Zilker and the representative of US Embassy.